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ltam BOOK!
A Girl's Personal, Private,
and Portable Instruction Book for Life.

an Archway Paperback published by POCKET BOOKS, a division of Simon & Schuster Inc. Developed by the good folks at GirlGames, Inc with over-the-top bucketload-of-visual-wackiness from the design gurus at team smartyPants!
This exciting little book marks a much-anticipated return to the world of print design for the pants...BUT with a little twist: create a companion to the best-selling cd-roms "Let's Talk About Me" and "Let's Talk About Me, Too!" without reverse re-purposing the new media design for the more-constrained world of print. Designed to be experienced like a wacky workbook rather than a straight read, it's an entertaining and informative little creation. peruse and purchase at Amazon.com -always your local purveyor of printed matter! damn it!


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