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let's talk about me!
produced by girlgames inc. and simon and schuster interactive
see tons of pretty pictures at the tsP! let's talk about me! site


newsweek parents' guide editors choice award:
"Let's Talk About Me! is essentially an electronic slumber party. It's 'girl talk' that speaks to pre-teens by focusing on social connections and insecurity....its cheerful you-are-not-alone message may help brighten adolescent blues."
- source, newsweek parents' guide

the review zone top 20 cd-rom's of 1996:

"There are tons of fun-filled quizzes, games, horoscopes, and common-sense answers to the 'whys and hows' of a girl's developing body. Girls also can rub elbows with over 20 women mentors who are ready to share their personal experiences...."
- source, TheReviewZone

SuperKids review:

"Picture ... an interactive, multimedia version of Young Miss magazine, add a Day-Timer scheduler, a diary and a scrapbook, and what have got? Let's Talk About Me."
- source, SuperKids

familyPC review:

"Our 48 testers loved the MTV-esque interface, and while a few parents didn't like the frank body talk, most found the CD-ROM's openness refreshing....'It's different from anything else I've seen on the market. Some of the activities could be used as springboards for discussions between mothers and daughters.' - Arlene Marszalowicz, Middletown, New Jersey."
- source, familyPC

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let's talk about me, too!
published by a joint venture of davidson & associates and simon & schuster interactive
developed by girlgames inc. visual and game design by tsp! inc. see much more at the tsP! LTAM Too site


CBS up to the minute:
"As with the first disk, the music and graphics are first rate."
* Sound and Graphics 8
* Ease of Use 8
- source, CBS uttm

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clueless: the cd-rom
published by mattel
developed by girlgames inc.. visual and game design by tsp! inc. see much more at the tsP! clueless site


the CD-ROM Shop:
"Complete with a virtual closet to create fabulous ensembles, a makeover wheel for facial fun, and may other fantastic games and puzzles, girls will enjoy innumerable hours emmersing themselves in Clueless by speed dialing their way through Cher's world with the easy to use CluePhone interface! A hot original soundtrack and trendy graphics combine to deliver software with an attitude!!!"
- source, the CD-ROM Shop

CBS up to the minute:

"* Sound and Graphics 9"
-source, CBS uttm

Detroit News:

"Just as Clueless, the movie, was a pleasant surprise, so is Clueless, the CD-ROM. At last the industry has learned that software for girls age 8-14 can have wit, can have speed, can have attitude. And this CD-ROM, despite its obvious preoccupations with bodacious Cher-Wear and furious makeovers, is "major snaps" in the content area. (That means the creators did a great job.)"
- source, Detroit News

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