If you see a dialog box warning you about a security risk or some such thing, click the Download button. This is due to the use of a CGI script to communicate with the FAQ Bot module, not our attempt to reformat your hard disk. (Yet.)

  1. Pick a name
  2. Strike up a conversation, preferably about tsP!
  3. Be prepared for this beta-licious version of the TSP2000 module to not understand a lot of things
  4. End your session by telling the TSP2000 "goodbye"
  5. Come back often to enjoy the benefits of your database enhancements

  • The TSP2000 is only artificially intelligent; it doesn't really know how to hold a conversation, and doesn't remember the last question you asked. Keep this in mind, and always be specific in your questions.
  • Whenever you see a URL or an email address, you can click on it to send mail or see the page being referenced.
  • When you're finished talking to the FAQBot, you will have the option of saving your conversation to your computer. For security, the FAQBot cannot save this file just anywhere, and the location will vary depending on your system. Once you've saved your transcript, do a search for a file called "TSP2000 Transcript".


Take note of which version of the TSP2000 you're talking to. As its database is improved, the Beta Iteration Number will increase.

  • Beta 1.6 - 03/7/01 Database update (1-Year-Plus-1-Month Anniversary since last update! Woo!)
  • Beta 1.5 - 02/7/00 Database update
  • Beta 1.4 - 01/25/00 Database update... Finally!
  • Beta 1.3 - 09/15/99 Database update
  • Beta 1.2 - 08/21/99 Database update; clickable URLs in output window; save transcript function
  • Beta 1.1 - 08/19/99 Database update
  • Beta 1.0 - 08/18/99 Initial test release

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