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  Beastie Boys: Video Anthology The Criterion Collection dar/fat/st  
  Rushmore dir: Wes Anderson; the Criterion Collection dar/st  
  Two Lane Blacktop repertory and TV screenings have gained it an avid following for its automotive detail, flashes of authentic idiosyncrasy, and artfully abstract examination of the urge to forge ahead, whether or not there is anywhere to go mz  
  Magnolia dir: P.T. Anderson dar/mmc/st  
  Fight Club This thing is funnier every time i see it st/dar/fat  
  Zorro, the Gay Blade "That's right, Zorro is back! To defend the defenseless! Befriend the friendless! And to defeat… the defeatless." -Zorro mz  
  Phase IV What if ants were the master race and humans were their pawns? Amazing direction by the late Saul Bass st  
  Brazil Terry Gilliam's creepy movie aobut paranoia and totalitarianism st/dar  
  Kafka steven soderbergh's version of Brazil (sort of…) st  
  Barbarella Mmmm… furry spaceships st  
  American Beauty even despite all those awards scott still says it's actually a good movie. st/mmc
  Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn takes the best elements of horror and the three stooges and makes movie history! sq/dar  
  David Cronenberg's career (Naked Lunch, eXistenZ, Scanners, Videodrome, Crash, Shivers) scott has no comment st  

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