DivaStarztm CD-ROM from Mattel Interactive.
Developed by team smartyPants! inc and Blue Arrow, Inc. - available Fall 2000

Mattel Interactive tsp!inc Blue Arrow
DivaStarz CDROM from Mattel, tsp!, and Blue Arrow

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Wooo Hooo
[five smilies rating]
I like computer games but this one is the best get a diva star and play the software with her.
You'll have a grrrrrreat time!

Caroline (but i might change it to Nikki!),a ten year old girl 
[five smilies rating]
Divas Rock!
DivaStars is the best game!!! it rocks!!! (way better than barbie!!!)


A Lot Of Fun!, October 12, 2000
Reviewer: A gamer from Leeds, MA United States
This game is A LOT OF FUN for a wide age range! We were all vying to change hair styles and colors at the same time! I wanted to go for the multi-color "Punk" look, my 8 year old daughter wanted to make her "beautiful". She can't stop playing, and there is strong interest from the younger and older kids as well. Being able to play music adds a lot. There are many activities to choose from (Dress them up, style their hair, play music, arcade games). The ability to pick both the activity, and one of the four "Diva Starz", adds to the possibilities. The graphics are superb, and the "Divas" really have personality. VERY FRESH AND INNOVATIVE! The CD ties into the web site, as well.


[...]She seemed very interested in the musical aspect of the game, which I can't blame her because I thought it was fairly cool myself.
Diva Starz is for children ages 6 and up. I'd say the younger spectrum is the best as older kids (Sam is 8) may find some of the tasks too simple or repetitive. [...] Overall a fair game for girls with a cute premise. Definitely something to pick up for your little girl.

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