the presentation of any idea is as important as the content of that idea. the most noble of concerns, poorly communicated, becomes the unintelligible sputter of the schizophrenic.
  the crafts of communication, education and entertainment are only augmented through the application of technology: scanner, pen, camera, the internet and the hand. simple tools as powerful as the operator is skillful.
  too often in search of a momentous presence, authors overwhelm the truism that people will eagerly seek experiences which are informative AND fun. The work becomes only a little too loud and not-quite-cleverly disrespectful; never instead just quietly taking full advantage of technological opportunities.
  it is often said that what will be will be, but this is untrue. what will be, will be made. paradigms of communication and fun are very much still in the air and we aren't in it for the catch - we're out throwing.
  BUT / AND SO...

it might be important to note we have no real faith in meaning but we believe passionately in the power of the misdirected (in directed re directed un directed) reACTION of the individual in concert with the individual individual to make unexpectedly lovely things.


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