team smartyPants!, inc. has since 1994 offered to high-profile clients a range of creative media development services which proudly trounce the line between pure art and corporate communications. TSP! provides whimsically distinctive Mobile Game and Messaging Design and Technology, story and visual design, from zero-phase Process Design and IA through delivered commerical product for clients such as Mattel and Microsoft. TSP! specializes in extending Web-based Flash and Flash for Devices, PocketPCs, Microsoft SmartPhones, J2ME, BREW, SMS, MMS and WAP via open source back-ends. Currently TSP! holds two US patents for a global entertainment property, spanning mobile-devices-to-desktops, which includes mobile and desktop gaming, cool characters and a communication platform. Technical Partners and Strategic Relationships include Macromedia, Qualcomm, Microsoft and others. Learn more...

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